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Account Access Information

If you are one of the 89,000+ members currently using our mobile app, you can log into the new website with your existing NavyBMR mobile app account information.

If you are a current monthly subscriber, you can log into the new site with your e-mail address and Quia password.

If you are a current subscriber and also have a mobile app account, you will still log in with your mobile app credentials.

If you receive an error while trying to register a new account it means we already transferred your account over from either Quia or the mobile app. Please utilize the password reset feature.

When you register an account on the new version of the site you will also have access to the mobile app with the same credentials.

Cancelling your account in the new site will not cancel your existing Quia account. Please e-mail us to cancel your old account if you wish to do so as they are not tied together.

How much does it cost?

The beta version will be free until April 1st, 2019 to ensure the stability of the new site and to work out any bugs that undoubtedly will need to be corrected during the first few weeks/months after launch.

What’s new?

The new version of our site will have References, Audio guides, Flash Cards, Study Guide mode, and a new multiple-choice method of studying. It will seamlessly integrate with our mobile app and carry over your existing study sets from the app. Game mode, Survival mode and Mock Exams are scheduled to be completed by March 2019. We are also working on adding new features in a way that wasn’t possible when we were using our current quiz hosting provider.

We will be discontinuing the current version of our study guides as of April 1st, 2019. We are replacing them with our “Study Guide” mode on both the mobile app and the website which not only shows you the questions and answers but also the contextual information surrounding the question directly from the reference. We are experimenting with some print options on our end but we don’t have a firm ETA.

We hope the coming changes will prove beneficial to you in future and we’re excited to continue to bring you innovations and new options to improve your chances for advancement.

Future Pricing

A paid subscription will be required to access both the mobile app and the website as of April 1st, 2019 at our current rates. All existing subscribers will automatically be upgraded to a premium account on the new version of our site, while everyone else will need to subscribe in order to continue utilizing our services. The current version of our website will also be retired once we ensure the new version is working properly.

The app has been free on a limited basis while we continued to use your feedback and guidance in order to make the improvements you’ve requested.  The overwhelming success of the mobile app, with over 89,000 Sailors currently using it, requires increased support and increased hosting costs.

Existing Accounts

You won’t notice a service disruption and may continue to utilize our existing quizzes that you are subscribed to as well as having access to the new Beta version until we phase out your rate from our current system at which point you will have to utilize the new system. If you currently have an active subscription and would prefer to only use the new system while it is still in beta status please e-mail us at and we will cancel your account.