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We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. We strive for perfection and the ideal candidates that we are looking for are Active Duty Sailors who have scored in the 99th percentile on at least one Navy Wide Advancement Exam, is ok with working from home or deployed locations on their off time, and can meet deadlines. Starting annual salary on a 1099 contractor basis will be $50,000 with potential for future earnings growth. There are no set working hours. You must be able to deliver the work we assign to you in a reasonable time frame.


Content development

Content Quality Assurance Review

Monitoring for Reference updates and updating respective content

Required Qualifications:

Minimum of 8 years Active Duty Experience for your current rate

Active Duty

Scored in the 99th percentile on at least one Navy Wide Advancement Exam

Has not been more than five years since the last time you took an Advancement Exam. They change frequently so you need to be familiar with the current format.

Able to meet deadlines

Desired Qualifications but not required:

Advancement Exam Readiness Review Panel experience

9502 NEC


To be considered please submit the following to us at

Updated resume

Copy of profile sheet proving 99th percentile accomplishment

Provide a sample of work to be considered. Choose any reference you wish on our site and create study guide questions for at least one chapter. This is the format that our material is in so try to replicate it to the best of your ability.


(148 Questions)

Enclosure 2

1. What is defined as the fundamental knowledge of the terrorist threat and measures to reduce personal vulnerability to terrorism? (Page 7)

AT Awareness

2. Which program is a collective, proactive effort that is focused on the prevention and detection of terrorist attacks against DoD personnel, their families, facilities, installations, and infrastructure critical to mission accomplishment as well as the preparation to defend against and planning for the response to the consequences of terrorist incidents? (Page 7)


3. How many critical components must Commanders use to determine which assets require the most protection and where future expenditures are required to minimize the risk of attack or lessen the severity of the outcome of an attack? (Page 7)


4. Which process develops specific AT guidance and execution-oriented instructions for subordinates? (Page 7)

AT Planning

5. Who is the principal military or civilian advisor that is charged with managing the AT Program for the commander or DoD civilian exercising equivalent authority? (Page 8)

We are highly selective of who we hire because we are responsible to nearly 100,000 test takers every cycle. What makes us the best is that we only hire the best.

Respectfully, CEO