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spaced repetition

What makes our app so powerful?

Any effective approach to learning has to be developed with the brain’s inherent limitations in mind. If we know that the brain cannot effectively store and recall lots of information in a short period of time, then “cramming” is a recipe for disaster.

Similarly, we know that the brain preferentially stores information it deems to be important. It strengthens and consolidates memories of things it encounters regularly and frequently. So spaced repetition – revisiting information regularly at set intervals over time – makes a lot of sense.

Spaced repetition is simple, but highly effective because it deliberately hacks the way your brain works. It forces learning to be effortful, and like muscles, the brain responds to that stimulus by strengthening the connections between nerve cells. By spacing the intervals out, you’re further exercising these connections each time. It produces long-term, durable retention of knowledge, and in my experience, once people start using it, they swear by it.
How does our app work?

Each chapter offers an interactive flashcard deck of questions and answers. All you have to do is tap the question and the card flips to show you the correct answer. Once you’ve completed a question, swipe the flashcard left for easy, up for average, and right for hard. Turn your phone into landscape mode to switch to a true flashcard environment.

Swiping the flashcard left for easy will remove the card from your deck, swiping up for average will move the card to the back of the deck for you to revisit it, and swiping right for hard will reshuffle the card in the deck so you see it more frequently. Repetition and reinforcement of average and harder questions will increase your retention of the information.

We have gone through your bibs page by page to separate the facts from the fluff so you don’t have to. We have taken all the facts and turned them into flashcards so that you can study anytime, anywhere…. and it’s 100% free! Our goal is to help prepare you for the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam. Our proprietary spaced repetition flashcard software leverages the benefits of a learning technique known as Spaced Repetition (SR) which is typically used by individuals who need to learn tremendous amounts of information in a short amount of time.

What makes NavyBMR.com’s Spaced Repetition Flashcard System so effective?

You identify your strengths and weaknesses by swiping left, up, or right. Identifying questions that are easy, average, and hard allows you to focus on and study the harder questions, saving you valuable time.

NavyBMR.com’s Spaced Repetition Flashcard app organizes your flashcards for you. No more missing flashcards, no more putting the wrong questions in the wrong deck, no more carrying around a stack of cards… our app does it all. Also you don’t have to make any of your own flashcards anymore, you don’t have to search the internet for flashcard decks that could prove to be unreliable or inaccurate. The goal is minimize the hassle of studying. We make it easy for you to advance your career.

In addition to our Spaced Repetition Flashcard System, our app allows you to create a profile and store your progress should you choose to do so. You will be able to track your progress as you work to complete each deck. If you need to log off for any reason, you can pick up where you left off when you log back in. We know you go on deployments and underway periods so it was important to us that you be able to save these decks for offline use and sync back up when you have connectivity. We understand your busy schedule and that you may not have back to back hours to study which is why we make it easy for you to pick up where you left off.

Offline mode

Offline Mode allows you save your active decks for when you want to study but may not have a reliable internet access. Once you go back online, the progress you mad while you were offline will be saved. That way you never have to repeat to a chapter unless you want to. Offline Mode allows you study anytime, anywhere!

By combining these flashcards with our study guides, quizzes, audio study guides and reviewing your bibs you will set yourself up to Ace your exams. As always we sincerely hope we are able to help you Advance Your Career.