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What sets our study guides apart from everyone else? We throw our study guides out every cycle and redo them to make sure they match up with the most current bibliography. For example, if your bibliography calls for MCWP 4-11.1 (12-2012), Health Service Support Operations; Chapter 4 we will only put in Chapter 4 so you don’t study material you don’t need to. We list page numbers next to all of our questions and answers so that you can look it up in the reference to expand on your knowledge. We go through each and every single page of every reference we can and sort out the facts from erroneous information so you don’t have to. Obviously due to the sensitive nature of certain references we are unable to create study material for them or post them on the site. Get yours today to see why we are the best and let us help advance your career.

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We try our best to keep the answers very short and easy to memorize. When is the last time you have ever seen an answer on an exam that was a paragraph long like you may find in study guides you may have gotten from our competitors? We are constantly tweaking and updating our material to find out what works best for our customers. Ask around or follow us on FaceBook to see what other people think about our material.